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We at are a proud Canadian company located in British Columbia. We believe in doing good business, and offering people top quality products at FAIR and REASONABLE prices. We know for a lot of you, these machines are how you make your living. We aren't trying to milk you for every penny we can. We also stand behind our products and offer a hassle industry leading warranty on every product we sell. We don't compete on being the absolute lowest price for cheaply made products.

We source QUALITY products and give it to you at dealer pricing. Since we are cutting out the middle men, we can offer great pricing for top quality product since we're going direct from factory to end user. We are also always available to help and you can always talk to a real person. No automated chat bots and automated menus. Call and speak to a human any time. We look forward to doing business with you and helping you get the best parts at the best prices.

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